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Castrol BNS Grease

Castrol BNS Grease is a smooth textured, clay-based grease suitable for use in applications where operating temperatures are above the limits of conventional soap based greases

Castrol LM Grease

Castrol LM Grease is an NLGI No. 2 general purpose lithium soap which may be used for all general grease applications such as ball and roller wheel bearings, door, boot and bonnet hinges of motor vehicles.

LMX Grease

This is a multi-purpose high performance grease, based on mineral oil and thickened with lithium-complex soap. It is formulated to provide excellent high-temperature lubrication performance.

Castrol MS Grease

Castrol MS Grease is an NLGI No. 2 lithium soap grease containing a proportion of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) to offer lubrication even when the grease is forced out of the bearing.

Castrol Red Rubber Grease

Castrol Red Rubber Grease is a rubber compatible, assembly grease developed primarily for the Automotive market and based on a combination of vegetable oil, inorganic thickener technology and an additive system imparting resistance to both corrosion and oxidation.

Castrol WB Grease

Castrol WB Grease is a dark brown lithium-based grease of NLGI No.3 consistency. The product is made from high viscosity paraffinic oils and in conjunction with the lithium soap