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  • Motorcycle Oils
    For over 100 years, Castrol has played a vital role in developing and producing high-quality motorcycle engine oils.
  • Industrial Vehicle Oils
    With our normal range of hydraulic, gear, slideway and compressor oils, Castrol also has a full range of neat and soluble metal working fluids and greases.
  • Agricultural Vehicle Oils
    At Castrol we understand how tough farming can be and have developed a range of premium products that you can count on.
  • Commercial Vehicle Oils
    Transport of goods on heavy duty trucks require an efficient, comprehensive oil product. Contact our Castrol staff to assist you with the appropriate oil for you.
  • Passenger Vehicle Oils
    Castrol offers a range of advanced engine oils for your passenger vehicle, including full synthetic, semi-synthetic, high mileage, conventional,diesel and more.
  • Earthmoving/Construction Oils
    Castrol has developed a range of premium engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids and greases designed to perform under severe operating conditions encounted in the construction.
  • Marine Oils
    With a long history of working with the marine industry, Castrol has a wide range of specialty products designed to add value to your business.